Sunrise Spectacular

From  RM50  

View the spectacular sunrise in the highlands. The tranquillity and coolness of the early morning will have you enraptured. As you watch with intriguing anticipation, the horizon unfolds right before your eyes, changing colours and hue as the sun gradually emerges. Behold these magical moments and capture them on camera.
Fancy sipping a good cup of heart warming tea amidst the coolness of the morning air up in the mountain. Along the return journey, one can take in the breathtaking view of the tea garden and some of the farms where the misty ambience lends an ethereal-like air of mystery to the surrounding areas.

Location Map

Duration of tour
2 1/2 hours
Time of Departure
RM60.00 per adult
RM50.00 per child
(Tour fare includes a light breakfast of tea/coffee with pie and strawberry muffin)