Amazing Rafflesia

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A chance to see the largest flower in the world - the Amazing Rafflesia ! The tour will commence with a leisurely drive before we reach the starting point of the trek into the forest which opens up a whole new world of discoveries.

Be mesmerised by the variety of bamboo trees and the big family of ginger plants especially the 'Yellow Earth Ginger' and the 'Ginger Beer'. At the Rafflesia site, you will be overwhelmed and awe struck by the amazing size of the flower with its distinctive features.

On the return journey, a visit will be made at a tradisional Natives' Village where there will be a blow-pipe demonstration. Tourists can purchase the blow-pipe and the exclusively hand-made bamboo fishing trap as souvenirs.

To round up the tour, a stop will be made at the 'Natural Jacuzzi' where you can have a refreshing dip in the cool waters and a splashing good time. The Amazing Rafflesia definitely leaves you with indelible memories of the Highlands.

Location Map

Duration of tour
5 to 6 hours
Time of Departure
Tours are fully guided with refreshment and packed lunch.